Sunday, September 23, 2012

FIAT ABARTH ECU Reflash Development Begins

Just wanted to let you guys know we have been doing some recent testing with the factory ecu and have had some success to this point. We were able to read the factory file and have started writing a custom definition file so we can begin tuning. So far we have been able to locate the torque limits, fuel, ignition etc tables. Hopefully over the next coming week we will have our first dyno session. We we only doing baselines in the pic on the dyno after we read the factory ecu. I know others have not invested much time in the USDM platform because we were launched with the Marelli ecu vs. the European Bosch ecu but we stuck it out and got the necessary information we needed to alter the factory maps.

Stay tuned for upcoming results this week...

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  1. The fiat was a huge success in 2012. Continued innovation like this makes the future look really bright for fiat cars.